Monday, 14 May 2012

Things wot I make!

The creating part of my blog title includes paper crafting. I love to make greetings cards, tags, gift bags and small hanging decorations. I love Tim Holtz of Ranger; a wonderful creator of crafting materials and a truly inspirational person when it comes to crafting. Find his products and ideas at I like to use lots of different nik naks on my cards like bottle corks and beer bottle tops, buttons and I love buying old books. I have a fantastic Cyclopedia from 1951 which is a mine of wonderful things to use on themed cards because it has maps and lists and information about all manner of things - I could read it all day!

Considering I have two small boys at school I am not too hot at making childrens' cards, but I'm improving with every birthday party we go to, and boy there seem to be a lot!

At the minute I'm making things for the Summer Craft Event I told you about the other day.This basket is all good to go but need to crack on with a bit more stock.

I have a Facebook page called Cards, Cakes and Bakes where you can see more of the things I make -
Right, other stuff to do now.

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