Thursday, 9 August 2012

Green fingers - me?

Said I wasn't probably going to be around for a little while, however had to share this. I have had a compost bin for at least a year and have turned it over now and again but not regularly. We had been "George Saves the World by Lunchtime" so decided to go and look at it.

I have even dug some through in the front garden, hoping to get my lavender to grow a little better, if nothing else.

Chuffed to bits so have taken out the good stuff as I intend to plant potatoes for Christmas when we get back from Scarborough and will keep adding to the bin from now on. Heeeehee!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Keeping Busy!

Well, this week we have been trying to keep busy with the boys doing lots of bike riding outside whenever the rain held off. The boys and I went toy shopping on Monday with their pocket money and we have had a walk past the reservoir on our mini scavenger hunt route, I found this on Pinterest. Hope you can read it and will enjoy it like we do!

scavenger hunt

Harry has done really well feeding Honey, his rabbit, by himself for most of the week.

On Wednesday the Gramps took them to see the Mickey Mouse Magic show at The Lowry and they had a great time.

Thursday we had over night guests and their little girl loves playing with the boys, witness below.

Hubby played golf on Friday so I took the boys to play on the pirate ship play area, which they love.

We had made plans to go to Animal Quackers at Bacup on Sunday but we arrived to find it was closed. (Compaint already made to Groupon!) We had packed a picnic so we went on to a childhood park of Jon's, Victoria Park in Haslingden, and the boys had a great time on the zip wire. When we came home we had a dry run putting up tables and things so we know what we are doing for camping - we leave on Monday and are all VERY excited.

I have done no baking this week, but I have been trying to gee up some trade between getting lots of new likes on my Facebook page and today have opened my Etsy shop. (Jon feels he has lost me to technology!!) Hoping to generate some funds for the family pot. I do have lemon curd to make as I hope to enter it into the Denshaw Show when we get back from Scarborogh, but of course it needs to be there before then so dropping it off with a friend.

I have started putting things aside for camping packing so work tops in the kitchen are covered in lists and baskets and equipment is being stored behind a sofa at the moment until we start to pack the car on Sunday.

Well, that is it I think but may be a week or more until I am here next. 
                                                     Keeeeeep creating and baking!!  xx