Saturday, 29 August 2015

Progress, of sorts.

Good morning.

We have come to a necessary decision because of the boys as we don't expect contracts to be signed until middle/towards the end of next week because of the Bank Holiday so this is how things will be.

As soon as they are signed we will pack up the last of our things, we have done so much already, and make the move to the new house. But we have also made the decision to rent on a holiday park very close to the house and school so the boys can start on September 7. We cannot have them in limbo any longer so this is the best thing for us all. It also means the work on the house can start whilst we are not in it and the boys, most importantly, can get into some sort of a routine. There are so many new things they need to be getting involved with and we don't want them missing any more than absolutely necessary. We are the kind of parents who don't even take them out of school for dental appointements, let alone family holidays, so this is something we feel very stongly about and we a lot happier now we have come to this point.

The next few days will involve more waiting, hubs has stayed on at work for a little longer and I can get some more things packed and boxed up, like hubs clothes as he is going to be living in his work clothes for the foreseeable and I have a fantastic flying suit overall that will be my 'uniform' when helping around the house and nothing flash if running between school etc. It is a shame the boys won't be able to take the bus to school for a little while yet as that is something they were really looking forward to.

On we go.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Autumn Will Soon Be Upon Us

I have to say that normally I am getting in the mood for decorating the house for Autumn. These are examples of last year's decs. In the first the book I am using is a copy of Pretty Nostalgic to which I used to subscribe. I still love to use the books for seasonal decorations and inspiration so take a look at my other posts if you get five minutes.

The book in the picture above is an old copy of A Diary Of An Edwardian Lady which I found in a charity shop for £1. It is great for paper crafting and, again, as a decoration as the illustrations are wonderful.

However, because of life being as it is just now I am not even thinking about it but I have to say the onset of Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year. I love the changing of the leaf colours, the crunch when you kick though them and that I will soon be able to cosy myself in my lovely wrap I keep downstairs when the evening start to get a little chilly. 

What time of the year do you prefer?

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Step by step but in limbo a little, too.

Good afternoon.

Feeling a little out of sorts at the moment if that is the right description for it.

The contracts for the house move yesterday so me, the boys on their bikes and Jake set off for the Post Office after breakfast. We went to send the documents back to the solicitor, guaranteed next day delivery, because of the Bank Holiday. We wait for the next stage and are twiddling our thumbs somewhat.

We have a huge amount of the house packed up ready to go so are wating for contracts to be exchanged then hubby will be all systems go down to Wales. I have nothing to keep me occupied really regarding to sale or purchase, no paperwork just now, no point in cleaning anywhere to a great degree as things will be going soon. I have today been baking to use up a few things out of the cupboard to pass the time, so we now have a tin of cherry and oat flapjack and a delish yoghurt and poppy seed, lemon flavoured loaf cake, one of my favourites!

In the last couple of days I have spoken to the boys' school, their teacher actually and got myself a little straighter regarding uniform etc so I'm now waiting for the school outfitter to call saying sweatshirts and polo shirts are ready and how much it will be for her to post them to me here so we are organised for the first day, whenever that will be.

I have informed the school here that they will not be returning for the Autumn term and have arranged for them  to visit their class friends on the day they should have returned. It will give me a chance to have a quick word of thanks to the teachers, too.

That is about it for now but we hope to hear something tomorrow regarding the next part of the process, failing that it will be on Tuesday due to the darn tootin' Bank Holiday, harumph!

Will be in touch.


Monday, 24 August 2015

Broad Sword Calling Danny Boy!

Just a quick post about my boys, now they are home from staying with the Gramps for the last time before we move.

We have bought them a pair of walkie talkies (hence the title of today's post) with a 3 kilometre range ready for when we move because the field we have also bought is about 10 minutes walk from the house. We are so very happy they will be able to just wander off together with the dog as there is zero traffic past the field, but we will just know where they are. Also, when hubby is fettling in the shed or cellar I will be able to call him for lunch or a brew!

Also, we recieved an email from our super solicitor late this afternoon saying she has today put in the post the contract from our buyers solicitor.Very exciting and even better if the buyers have already signed it, which I think they might have done but not sure. At least we only have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

I have managed to make contact with the boys' school today, too. I have now been able to order some of their uniforms and got a few things straight in my head ready for the first day.

Things really seem to be coming together now so will keep you posted regarding the moving date when I hear.

I have been thinking about my new blog that I plan on writing when we move. Have been working on a name and what I plan to use it for.

That's all for now.x