Saturday, 28 November 2015

Not wishing to tempt fate but....

Oh we have just had some news. 

The financial arrangements I spoke of regarding us completing on our situation here in Wales has moved on a step. Paperwork has been signed which will be with solicitors by Tuesday at the latest and this means there is a distinct possibility that our house will be our home by the end of next week.

Anybody who has been with me regarding all this mess and stress will know just how much this will mean to myself and my family. Suffice to say my new blog will be up and running when we have the news.

Take care. Lou.xx

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Proud As Punch, Proving and Pilates!


Yesterday I went to Felinfach to see the presentation my boys were taking part in at Canolfen y Felin. This was for the parents to see just how well the children had come on in their Welsh course and we saw just how confident they all were - hence the proud mum!!!

The boys were given certificates to celebrate their achievements.

They had also been making decorations for Christmas so we came home with cards, wreaths and tags and the proceeds are going towards a little Christmas party. None of the children the boys met when they went to school at Bont that first week have stayed the length of the course, go boys, so it will be fun to have that last time with the ones they have made friends with.

So that was yesterday really, apart from making a quick loaf of bread in the Rayburn at the same time as the slow-cooked chicken and rice for tea.

Today I am popping over to the Community Centre as we have a Coffee, Cake and Book swap once a month and this is the last one before January. I picked up a great casserole recipe book the first time I went. It was first published in 1965!

Whilst I'm there I'll have two loaves proving ready to bake when I get back. I am so chuffed I have not bought a loaf of bread since November 9 and am completely resolved to make all the bread we need, apart from things like wraps, but who knows; I have made japatis and panadia in the past so they could be a possibility, too.

It is my Pilates class this evening. Again, this is held just across the road. The teacher is a bit fluffy, my hubs would laugh his socks off if he knew I was standing there being asked to breath out my negative energy - don't really have much to be honest - and not very clear with her instructions some times, which can be tricky for a beginner like me. We are not sure if the class will continue after Christmas as a few people have fallen off and mentioned about the teaching methods.

Well, I'm away to have another cup of coffee. Flour etc is measured out for the bread so will get on with that, then I have a bed to make and a bit of tidying up before I head out at about 11am. I'll let you know if I come across another gem of a book!

Bye for now.xx

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Inspiration for us stay at home-ers!


I have today discovered a fantastic blog called Down To Earth.

I came across it and thought how wonderful it was to find somebody celebrating and enjoying a more simple life, homemaking etc and not being ashamed of it. I have commented on a couple of the posts and hope you will visit it some time as I feel sure you will find it inspirational and encouraging.

Yesterday I really got some use out of the Rayburn. I worked out the timings and managed to bake two loaves of bread, a proper baked rice pudding, baked potatoes and chicken kievs for the boys' and our tea. Really proud of myself because I wanted it all ready so the boys could have the bread warm when they came home and everything would be done for tea time.

What do you reckon to my loaves? Yummy with just butter or for breakfast with baked beans was lovely, too.

And I've just taken scones out of the oven ready for the boys getting home shortly.

Right, must dash as they will be home any second.

Bye for now.x

Monday, 23 November 2015

Finally photos!

At last, I am able to transfer photos from my phone to here. Hurrah! 

Here is my Christmas cake mix which my youngest said was smelling yummy. When decorated it will probably look something like the photo underneath. This was my cake last year and I like to go for the simple approach.

My 2014 Christmas cake simply decorated. Love this! Am I allowed to say that?:

I was hoping to be making my mincemeat this week but not going into Aber for that kind of shopping until the weekend so it will have to wait. Not worth doing a 26 miles round trip for a bit of dried fruit etc. 

This is a bit of a strange picture but it is the foot off my ironing board and hubs now has a job welding it back on asap so the ironing pile does not get out of hand!

The boys were away with the Gramps at the weekend so hubs and I had a mooch round a shop in Aber called Craft. It is a bit of an Alladins cave and we went looking for a lamp for the living room and ended up with this fab side board. I'm going to be honest and say it was a super deal at less than £35.00 and I love it! I can't wait to get a drinks tray on it ready for the festivities and I'm already planning on moving the glasses from one of the kitchen cupboards into here. It will probably also house the chocs and nibbles.

Whilst in Craft I also found a fabulous jar for said mincemeat for the bargain price of £1.50. 

We have a rocking chair in our bedroom which we have always planned to paint pink as an accent colour and we bought a tin of Laura Ashley perfectly coloured paint for £1.50, and we were given one free, too. (No photo.)

Today is bread making day and I have quite a busy week in general. I am beginning to accept cleaning in this house is more than my other house with the age of this one plus the wooden and slate floors, a woodburner which is lit most days just now and a husband who works at a saw mill!

I am walking to a friend's house in the morning for coffee. Hubs has the car most days for work so I will get some exercise in the chilly weather as it will take me a good half hour to get there and the same back.

Wednesday I am going to a presentation the boys are taking part in at their Welsh learning centre. I can't wait but unfortunately hubs cannot come due to work but I understand they are making cd's to take away for a small price.

Thursday will be bread day again and Coffee, Cake and Book Swap at the Community Centre across the road; nice to have a cuppa and a chat for an hour or so.

So, now I have caught up and hope I can continue with my photo transfer thing working! Best get on with some jobs now, one more coffee though! xx