Saturday, 19 October 2013

Honesty, the best policy!

Here's the thing, I seem to have had one heck of a week and regarding the plans I originally made life has certainly got in the way of them! 

I have come to the conclusion that, as I did not complete my baking challenge at all, I will try and make up for it in other ways so that, hopefully, you will still keep visiting to see my creating and baking. (Imagine me with a pleading face!) 

Therefore over the last couple of days I have managed to make a few new things, as well as the banana and chocolate flapjack on the first day. One was butternut squash and chic pea humous. I am basically working my way through Jamie Oliver's "Save With Jamie" which I think I mentioned I received from my niece for my birthday. This recipe is so easy and very yummy indeed. This is how the squash looks like when you have baked it in the oven,straight on the shelf, for 40 minutes or so depending on the size of the squash.

This is the finished result along with some piadina. Jamie Oliver describes Piadina as being loved by people in northern Italy and is a toasted flatbread filled with something delicious. I am now never going to buy garlic flatbread ever again as I made two of these in around 10 minutes - sooo easy! This was made to a plain recipe but you could add into it sun dried tomatoes, herbs, garlic or anything you fancy to use as an accompaniment to a main dish of your choice. Go on, give it a go!

I have been tidying out my Country Living magazines, now we are coming to the end of the year, as I had my whole subscription pile sitting there. I have taken out the recipe, cooking/baking and decorating ideas and anything else that will come in very useful and filed most of them away. In a couple of them Sarah Moore has featured with some fairly simple sewing projects with vintage always in mind. I decided to follow her lead in that there can be beauty in utility and I made a drawstring bag out of an old tea towel from Emma Bridgewater

Here is how it turned out. It is about 190mm by 160mm and if I can manage to make half a dozen or so in time for either of my craft events in November or December I will be really chuffed!


They can be used to make items in your baking cupboard look pretty. I am using this one to keep the marshmallows in for the boys' hot chocolate so if they see it on the side in the kitchen they will know a treat is on the way!

Well, I truly hope I have redeemed myself and that you have enjoyed the creating and baking I have managed to do. I have had great fun with a varied bunch of projects and I hope you will drop by again soon.

Catch ya later!! xx

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Baking Challenge Day 2 - oops!

Hi. I have a confession to make - I failed on day two of my challenge. I knew I had a lot on this week and thought it might be a tight squeeze to get it done and so there we are.

I had a tonne of stuff to do yesterday. With the decorating just getting finished I was in a bit of a mess downstairs and had to go out and get a can of paint anyhow. I had been given some lush red and also stripey green home-grown tomatoes and needed to get them made into chutney so that was on the agenda - see below how it turned out.

Also I had agreed to put a couple of things together as a raffle prize for a local hospital fundraiser so made a lemon drizzle cake and popped it in a bag with some of the rhubarb jam I made the other week - always useful when you have something in stock for a sudden request. So I am afraid the personal baking went out the window. We were going out as a family to one of the boys' after school activities so had to get a requested sausage pasta bake made for them before I did the school run. 

I feel I am full of excuses but glad I could help out so don't feel so very bad.

So just now I am having a breather after doing most of the cleaning up as the painting is finished.

Well, I now need to go and find something I can definitely get completed for the challenge today - I would be no good AT ALL on The Great British Bake Off with my time keeping!

Monday, 14 October 2013

My Second Annual Baking Challenge.

Well, here we are National Baking Week 2013. I have given myself the challenge, again, of making something for the first time every day from now until Friday. This is in honour of National Baking Week. Hurrah!

Today's recipe, I admit, did not tax the brain too much but I have had a really busy day and I am also trying to create and bake around my hubby who is currently re-decorating the living room, so can't complain really.

Today I have made banana and chocolate flapjack and here is the finished product.

Pleased to say they went down well with all the men in my house. I hope to post the recipe on Foody Fun at some point.

Today I am also able to share with you a papercraft commission I have recently been working on, a birthday guest book.  

The party will have a burlesque theme so this is all gilt and feathery; I particularly like the gold-effect book mark.

That is is just now as we are mid-way through bath time and I have one lot of reading to do before bedtime. Just off to Twitter this to a few people to spread the word of creating and baking!

Catch ya later! xx