Monday, 19 November 2012

Comments, hmmmm!

Comments are showing, just not any previous ones in the side bar so phew! 

Hope to see some shortly!x

Still no comments!!!

If any of you are stopping by after me being guest blogger on Teresa Crafts blog, then  I can only apologise for the comments gadget not working. 

I would love to be getting some comments from people, especially today. If you are on Twitter, then maybe you can tweet about my blog instead. I would really appreciate it sooo much!!! or visit my Facebook page at Cards, Cakes and Bakes.


Sunday, 18 November 2012

Crafting and Christmas!

Well, today I have been feeding the Christmas cakes and puddings and they are already smelling delicious! 

I have been getting a few more things started and finished ready for the Christmas Craft Festival I have previously mentioned I will be taking part in on December 9.

Here is one of my covered diaries and a small hanging decoration I just added the ribbon to.

A6 sized diary and selling for £3.50.

Apologies for the sewing machine and lamp in the background!
 That is all just for now but hope more of you will be stopping by at Creating and Baking in the future! xx

Missing comments!

Very miffed as all my comments have disappeared, just as I might be a guest blogger on somebody elses blog. Very unhappy and cannot seem to reload the gadget. Harumph!!