Monday, 2 March 2015

Yippeeee- Spring is here, not that you'd know it!

According to the meteorological calendar yesterday was the first day of Spring! I had it on my calendar as March 20, but that apparently is according to the astronomical calendar

Very pleased about that I must say as considering we have had snow today, again, I need to brighten up the house with my Spring decorations.

On a recent trip out I bought some of those strong paper/cardboard letters to spell out SPRING and they are for covering, painting or however you want to decorate them. Will have to get a wiggle on with them now!

Out shopping in an hour or so with the help of hubs'  and his 4x4 as I got scared on the way back from the school run when the skidding tyre light came on!

Hoping to catch up with some emails to people today who I used to talk to on Twitter; still keeping in touch with a few. Plus other paperwork including checking when Jake's pet insurance runs out and reading the meters.

Must dash as need to get a couple of jobs done before the shopping.

I would really LOVE for you to tell me about your Spring decorations and o feel free to link to your blogs with pictures of the new season.