Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Just felt like a bit of a ramble.

I have been surfing t'internet a little this morning looking for something which I didn't think I'd find but I did find it in an archive post..? Whilst doing this I found an online chat I myself had some time ago with Jocelyn of The Reading Residence where I was asked about why I wrote a blog. This got me thinking why I still do.

I would never consider myself narcissistic but I do love showing things I've made and rambling on aboout nothing much most of the time! However, I am caught in a situation where I deleted my Facebook account, NEVER to return, because I was up to my neck in other people's life and stuff and frankly I'd had enough, but I still like to share to a certain degree.

I think I manage to get the balance right because I am not super regular at posting, although have done so more in the last few weeks than in a long time. I sometimes look at the content of other peoples' blogs plus how much traffic they get and think that mine is sooo boring. But, I don't promote it hugely as I no longer have a Twitter account (got sick of that too!) and rely on people stumbling upon it I suppose. I don't mind really as it is just fun to look back on the memories, experiences, makes and bakes in the last few years since I have been blogging.

Therefore, if you are reading this and enjoying it, thank you, and if you tell somebody else about it, fantastic, but right now I'm enjoying that which I continue to do firstly for myself and maybe for others, too.xx

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

10 Years Ago Today

10 years ago this July 4 hubs and I returned to work after our fabulous wedding in Cyprus, full of the joys of new marriage and plans for the future when we moved from London to Chester.

I travelled to work on the tube two days later, 10 years ago today. Arriving at Earls Court we were directed up to street level but we didn't know why. I had to find my way to Putney and eventually got on a bus. Whilst travelling to work I managed to hear Sally Traffic on Radio Two with news that there had been some major disruption on the tube network.

By the time I reached the office everybody was glued to the internet at their desks and news had begun filtering through about the terrorist attacks. Not much work was done that day and by lunch time we were told to try and make our way home. It was suggested you somehow didn't get on a tube or a bus but getting around London without either is difficult. I figured out a route, all be it very long, by walking some distance and then managing to get a bus back to Deptford.

Looking back I remember in the coming days I was very pleased that I knew by August Bank holiday we would be settled in Chester with our new resaurant business, but that is a whole other story. 

Thinking of all those affected by the events of that day.