Friday, 28 March 2014

My ramblings in Pretty Nostalgic - No Way!

Hello. This post is partly to cheer me along with the fact that the weather, quite frankly, is pants today!

I'm blogging about something very exciting which happened a couple of weeks ago. You know very well I am a huge fan of Pretty Nostalgic, the magazine about "creative and sustainable living inspired by the past". Well I sent in some of my non-blonde ramblings along with a picture of one of my vintage finds. Whilst emailing an order for more back copies, nearly have a full set now with just one to go, Nicole told me my letter would be printed in the next issue! Here is my published piece. Eeeek!

I should explain that Nicole is Editor-in-Chief and an owner of Pretty Nostalgic, along with Rae Edwards, and her very own home is also featured in the latest issue. Take a look here at her beautifully decorated mantlepiece. 


There are so many wonderful things to look at but I especially like the bunny in the tea cup and the hyacinths which are one of my favourite flowers in Spring.

I find Nicole's arrangement so very inspiring as I love to decorate my own mantle at all times of the year, and here it is just now! (It changes now and then but loving it right now.)

So I hope you enjoyed mine and Nicole's show and tell, but before I go, you still have time to order a subscription to Pretty Nostalgic to make your mum's day on Mothering Sunday - check out the link here on all of the subscription options for this lovely, lovely publication!

Catch ya later. xx

Monday, 24 March 2014

Creative Eclairs Blog Hop!

Hi, you may remember that recently I was lucky enough to interview Ruth Clemens, of The Great British Bake Off fame, here recently. 

Well, I am very pleased to have been asked to take part in a blog hop in connection with Ruth's wonderful new book called Creative Eclairs. This is something very new to me so I really am hoping you like my contribution. You will find all the members of the blog hop listed here on the host website of Stitch Craft Create. 

Check out just how gorgeous the cover is, how inviting does that look?

Ruth Clemens Creative Eclairs book cover 

Here are some images from inside the book to inspire you!


I have been lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the book's yummy contents and have a yet to be released copy to give away to one lucky winner - VERY excited to have my first blog giveaway! To be in with a chance of winning, I ask that you simply comment at the end of this post. All entering posts must be made by midnight on March 31st to be included. I will notify the winner by email.

Good luck to everybody!x

So for the first time, with the help of Ruth, I've been baking choux pastry and I'm sharing my experience with you. I decided to go for a small batch of the mixture as it was my first bash, but I was confident that as long as I followed Ruth's instructions then all would be well.
Initially the mixture is a lot like a roux sauce base.
You add the eggs and beat even though it looks like it might be curdling!

I am going to be perfectly honest with you as honestly is always the best policy in my opinion. I had intended to make the allumettes but I do not have a plain nozzle so decided to go for a fluted one and see what happened. It didn't work so I figured the best idea was to go for a woopie-pie inspired creation (hope you don't mind Ruth). 

Not too impressed with my piping but hey ho!
Once out of the oven I was quite happy with them.
I decided to fill them with my home made lemon curd - going for extra Brownie points here as I always use Ruth's recipe, but I add an extra egg and it makes it even yummier. (Again, I hope that is ok with you, Ruth?) And here is the final result. 


I was pleasantly surprised with the result and I can safely say I will definitely be making choux again. Thanks Ruth for the very easy directions and tips along the way.

So, I hope you have enjoyed this special blog post and that you will enter my giveaway; the lucky winner will be sent their very own copy as soon as possible!

Don't forget to check the list of other bloggers taking part in the hop, too.

Take care and thanks for stopping by and hope you will visit again soon. x