Thursday, 3 October 2013

My birthday goodies and other stuff!

Well, it was my birthday a week ago but I was still looking forward to receiving some of my presents when we travelled to Nottingham at the weekend for my niece's 30th birthday, hope you are still enjoying your presents from everybody, Laura - she was born on the same date as me so that is always fun!

Most people know me so well, I think. I am known as a scribbler, lover of my Household Binder, maker of lists including freezer inventories, meal plans and basically writing stuff. You name it!

Along with some uber smart post- it notes from a good friend in New York, as shown in the picture, I also received a fab Orla Kiely note book, some Great British Bake Off post-it notes/stickers and a cup cake design post-it note pad.

My biggest sister Helen, who I have previously mentioned as a wonderful maker of glorious cakes and is also a paper crafter like me, gave me a copy of "Granny Chic" by Tif Fussell and Rachelle Blondel.It is a book of pure inspiration as it "breathes new life into second-hand objects." I do hope I can make good use of it along with some lovely fabric I was given by both my mum and my biggest sister, see here. Fab heh?!

So, what else has been happening? Well, at the family get-together last weekend we told everybody that we are lucky enough to be taking the boys to Lapland with the Gramps this year! We are all very excited indeed! We leave home on December 22 for some fun festive days where the boys get to go to Elf School, I will end up calling them Buddy I am sure - love love love that film -  "I know him!!" - and we get to see the Northern Lights. Should be a trip of a life time.
On return from the weekend I nipped quickly to see my crafting buddies at the Saddleworth Creative Network Autumn Fayre in Uppermill. I will be having a table at the next one on November 10th and will remind you nearer the time, but just wanted to go and say hello and spend some of my birthday money. Here are the goodies I picked up.

This is a fab big clip to keep my papers together.

Just a scrummy thing to hang in the kitchen.
This brightens up my grey coat just beautifully!

Now I think I mentioned I had made a bag for a friend in New York, well I have sent it so it should be safe to post a picture. I used some denim from the leg of an old pair  of Jon's jeans and made it into this bag and decorated it. Quite pleased with it and now wait to see how it was greeted by the recipient. What do you think? (Sorry that I cannot turn it round, duh!)

I think that is about it for today's ramblings. I was taking a couple of minutes on Pinterest the other day, yeh right, and looking at journal pages I found something called a Journal of Gratitude. I think in life, whatever is happening around us, we have a lot to be grateful for. Therefore this kind of journal is there for us to record reasons you should be grateful, everyday. I hope to be able to do this - not for a religious or spiritual reason but just to acknowledge how lucky I am to have family, friends, opportunities whatever it is that, hopefully, makes me content. 

So, that will do for now. I have a party guest book to finish, I have been asked to make two small hampers as donations for fundraisers and, as I said, I have a craft event on 
November 10 so need to get organised for that. Also, it is National Baking Week starting on November 14 so I will be attempting my second annual baking challenge when I bake five things Monday to Friday, sweet or savoury, I have never baked before!

Thank you for stopping by. You can follow me on Twitter, not Facebook anymore but hope you will drop by again for my ramblings.

Catch ya later! xx