Thursday, 6 September 2012

What a privilege!

Well, I am not really catching my breath as I was just about to put! I have Fallen Apple Chutney on the cooker. Plan on putting a few jars away to put in Christmas Hampers and some in our cupboard, too, of course! That is bubbling away whilst I do this post, and publish it instead of leaving it to add to later - there's my rambling!! 

The boys returned to school on Tuesday for the Autumn Term 2012. 
How gorgeous do they look?

It is all very exciting with Harry getting to do a lot more in Year One. His book bag came home on Tuesday with instructions and explanations of what he will be expected to do in the coming months. We have a meeting with his teacher next week which we are looking forward to. I am not a pushy mother but I do actively encourage Harry in his learning, as I will with Alfie, so we have set his desk up in his bedroom and made it a good place for study and learning. I could have done better at school myself so I enjoy giving him help and encouragement.

Alfie is coping very well with his leg in class and says a lot that he likes Reception, with a big smile on his face! It is just me that is bushwhacked with having to remain in his transition sessions each day! 

However, I have to say that it is such a privilege to be able to see how the children are developing right from the start. I feel so honoured that I have that early insight to other people's children, as well as my own. I am trying to tell parents when the children do something that was a real wow moment, if I see something I am sure they would love to hear. And it was lovely to hear that one of the little girls had said to her mum "I like Alfie Houghton's mum". Bless!!!

Talking of Christmas, I did mention it earlier, I am mow advertising Christmas Journals. These are based on the other journals I have done, A5 size, sprial-bound with blank pages as these can be used for planners or planners which also include memories, keepsakes, however you like to use them and remember Christmas. 

These are images of a mock up front cover of one. As with all my journals they are one offs so no two will be the same, but you can guarantee they will all be interesting and hopefully beautiful to look at.   

Well I do not want the chutney to spoil so will leave this as it is and catch up with you again soon.xx