Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Christmas, Cakes and Cawl

Good afternnon.

On Sunday I got the Christmas cake baked. I use an American recipe I found on the internet where you boil most of the ingredients before adding the flour and eggs. Fool proof as far as I am concerned. I'm really miffed because I'm not able to put photos on my blog at the moment so apologies for the plain text until I get it sorted.
It is now sitting in a tin in my newly prepared Christmas cupboard until I feed it with some form of alcohol next week. I normally use Gluvhein, is that how you spell it, so hope Lidl have the equivalent to the bottle I used to buy from Aldi. My youngest said the cake mix smelt like mince pies so I siad they would be coming soon, too, but not just yet! 

I've also tried my hand at baking Welsh cakes. The first batch have come out ok I think. My youngest just loves them and I normally cannot go into the shop at Bont without picking up a pack, hence giving them a go myself.

Little heads up. If you have an Asda near by or you normally order on line they already have the fabulous Pierre Darcys bubbly on offer, £10 instead of £18 and this lasts unitl the new year. I bought a total of six bottles over the festivities last year and it is great to make sure you always have something decent in the fridge, good to take if you are popping to see somebody and just because, basically! I will be ordering my supplies when the Drambuie is on offer as that it my husband's tipple. Personally Christmas isn't Christmas without a proper Snowball made with Advocat, plus it is fab poured over your Christmas pud - that is in the cupboard already as one left over from last year.

The reference to Cawl was that I thought I might make my soup into Cawl as I learned to make it at the cafe, but I think I will leave that to another day. 

Hope everybody is well. xxx


  1. I do a Nigella cake usually the week before christmas it dosent need to be fed, its a chocolate and coffee liquer fruit cake ever so easy :-)

  2. I would like to see a link to the American recipe for Christmas Cake. Sounds rather nice.

    1. I will just have a look and see what I can do. Right, you'll have to put this into your browser and I think you should be good to go.

  3. Ooh, that sunds fab. I don't watch Nigella although I did once make some chocoolate and pecan nougat thing of hers. Again, as you say, ever so easy.x

  4. ah, don't you just love this time of the year? All those good smells coming from the kitchen.
    Today I've been baking the pieces for my gingerbread house, the smell was so good!
    Thank you for your comment today. I had to laugh so much, we are very similar. I won't let anyone else decorate the tree either! It has to be done 'my way', and I don't care if that makes me a control freak! ;o) x

  5. I do not make a rich fruit cake, none of my family or friends like it, or the icing. I make a baked cheesecake and a decadent chocolate cake and that keeps everybody happy. I will be checking out the Nigella recipe though. The Christmas tree is a joint affair, I pass the decs to Francesca and she places them, it always looks great.

  6. I only make a small cake but I also love to make a tasty cranberry, pecan and orange loaf cake. It has all the flavours of Christmas and is great with a cup of coffee or anything else actually. Hope you like the Nigella recipe.x


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