Thursday, 24 April 2014

I DO hope you haven't forgotten me?!


It really has been a while since I've posted on my little, neglected blog. I changed the name and my Twitter account to better suit me and my stuff and Google have just acknowledged it, if that is the right term and I know it isn't, so I hope more people may find me now. If you haven't visited for a while, or this is the first time you've encountered my ramblings, I would love to know what you think. All comments are welcome and appreciated!x

The main reasons for being absent for a while are that the boys were on half term and the day after they broke up we acquired a dog. He is called Jake and is a Border Collie who was 11 weeks old yesterday! Check my Twitter feed for some photos of the ridiculously cute addition to our family! So, I am feeling a little frazzled around the edges but learning to treat him as if he were a baby and getting as much done as I can when he is napping!!

I managed to get some gardening done in the front in the last couple of days, a bit of tidying up and planting some seeds to flower in around June time. Today I have finally put in a Clematis which will, hopefully, work its way up and over the front gate. Nice huh?

I have also been looking for something suitable to put in the tin I found when I went junkin'; you may remember seeing my post about the fun I had that day! Well this conical affair I think just fits beautifully and I think it really shows the tin off nicely with the contrasting colours.

I have also managed to sort out the myriad of sewing projects I would love to get started or finish so I will hopefully have something to show you in a couple of weeks.

I think that's it for now as I just didn't want you to forget me! If this is your first visit why not become one of my Friendly Followers or subscribe to receive my ramblings straight to your inbox.

Thanks for stopping by and I really hope you'll visit again soon.

Catch ya later.xx