Thursday, 17 May 2012

PTA - stuff to do.

PTA meeting last night so things to do for that. Hubby and I may not be around for the Duck Race and are away for the School Fair but we are doing our bit before hand. He has made a set of stocks for the fair for the kids to chuck wet sponges at the teachers, at least that is what I think they are for! Take a look - handy with a hammer and nails, eh?

My chores will be baking for the cake stalls for both events and maybe some curds, and I have said I'll make up a Summer hamper. I make these at Christmas normally but thought it would make a good raffle prize. 

I seem to keep posting things about Christmas - came across a Facebook page the other day for devotees of the festive season; I think I should join!  These are some I did for friends and family a couple of years ago so it'll be along these lines but slightly different content, of course. I'm thinking of including homemade lemonade, orange curd, a cake and some sweet and savoury biscuits and a few other bits. I've bought butterfly shaped red, white and blue toppers, too, for the cupcakes I'm going to make.

Talking of baking, it's the half term cake bake for pre-school a week tomorrow so more cakes there! Good job I like baking!

Mentioning Christmas, again, makes me think how time flies or we make it go quickly by planning to do so many things to do in the future, I am guilty. Here is a card I finished on Tuesday on that very theme.

Must go as need to get petrol before I pick up my little fella from pre-school.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Things wot I make!

The creating part of my blog title includes paper crafting. I love to make greetings cards, tags, gift bags and small hanging decorations. I love Tim Holtz of Ranger; a wonderful creator of crafting materials and a truly inspirational person when it comes to crafting. Find his products and ideas at I like to use lots of different nik naks on my cards like bottle corks and beer bottle tops, buttons and I love buying old books. I have a fantastic Cyclopedia from 1951 which is a mine of wonderful things to use on themed cards because it has maps and lists and information about all manner of things - I could read it all day!

Considering I have two small boys at school I am not too hot at making childrens' cards, but I'm improving with every birthday party we go to, and boy there seem to be a lot!

At the minute I'm making things for the Summer Craft Event I told you about the other day.This basket is all good to go but need to crack on with a bit more stock.

I have a Facebook page called Cards, Cakes and Bakes where you can see more of the things I make -
Right, other stuff to do now.