Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Uh - Slight Glich In The Proceedings


A little setback with some legal requirements but hopefully it won't drag us into too much trouble. Means we cannot exchange contracts today, but whatever the issues the boys WILL be in school on Monday. It may mean we don't get everythihg to Wales until Saturday but we will manage - I keep telling myself that. 

The packing has gone really well and everything is downstairs now but we are at that point where I am washing things to pack, I have to pack some things into the caravan for when we get there and I just HATE the idea of having random things in random boxes. 

I am a little OCD so it can be tricky for me at times but I just have to breath and know that all that matters is getting everything, and us, to the other end. Once the boys are in school on Monday I can spend the day getting properly organised so we have food, bedding/beds and the necessities where they should be for the time being.

Wish us luck, again.x

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Back To Plan A


V. quick post just to update. 

We have been very fortunate in that a family member has offered us a two-birth caravan plus awning for sale and we have taken it. This means we can stay on site at the new house whilst hubs does the work, the boys can go to school on the bus and everything is much better. Making use of the outbuldings I can still use my usual frdige/freezer, slow cooker for when the nights start getting to casserole-time and the washing machine will be plumbed in down in the cellar.

Feeling much better about getting organised when we get there which was always going to be a bit stressful for me. Aaah.

Not sure how much I will be blogging in the next couple of days as we are planning on moving on Friday! Also not sure how long it will take to get the Broadband connected so may be a little while before I am able to post some photos of the new homestead after the move..

Wish us luck on our exciting new

Monday, 31 August 2015

There's That C-word again.

You may remember back in June I posted about Christmas Savings Plan. This is just a little reminder and an update. 

Now and again I have thought to myself "shall I tell hubby and use it for this, that or the other?" But then I think to myself that I have managed this far, which is three months, without too much trouble and it will be fab when it comes to November when I can tell hubs I have saved £1001! 

So far I have saved a bit over £400 and I love seeing the amount increase each week. I have started a list of things I intend to buy starting with 6 bottles of bubbly! But I'm also leaving plenty for us to use on special things for us and the boys over the festivities and the New Year. 

Do any of you have a savings plan?