Saturday, 12 May 2012

I know it is only May but..

....I see this every day and just felt I had to share this photo. I bought this Poinsettia in November 2010 and look at it!

I keep this in my spare room; there is just enough light from a Velux window and I water it once a week.

The walk with the boys this morning was just lovely and here are some of the views of our nearby reservoir.

And back to Christmas, sorry, we saw young pine cones growing which we will pick for festive decorations.
And, to spur myself on to do something about it, here is my little front garden in need of weeding.

Food and photos

Afternoon. I have posted on my Foody Fun page some of my favourite recipes to share with you. No pictures as yet but hope to add later. 

I also hoped to post more photos after a little walk out with my boys this morning. This was not possible as I use the lead from my husbands mp3 player with my camera and this is with him - he is not here. Never mind.

It occured to me that I have not mentioned that I am a member of the fab-u-larse Saddleworth Creative Network - find them on Facebook at A group of like-minded people who love to, hopefully, keep calm and carry on crafting whilst promoting craft in the local area. Take a peek why don't you? Whilst I am at it I should share this with you, too. Such a great poster.

That's all for today but hope to share the photos tomorrow.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Caking and making!

When it comes to baking I love it! 

I do make cupcakes but I also love to make soda breads, loaf cakes, and different kinds of sweet offerings I think my boys and husband will love; my waistline suffers at times I must admit! But you have to taste your hard work don't you?!

Again, looking for photos from my baking efforts. So lets see what I can find.

This was my first ever effort at piping swirls - I was quite chuffed with myself!

A good example of my loaf cakes from Saddleworth Creative Network Craft Fair I took part in March.

Think I will leave it at that today. Getting better at this now, need to find some more photos to brighten things up a bit.

After accidentally putting my first post into the archive I hope I have more luck today! I am searching for some photos of around the house so hope this works. Here are a couple of pictures of where I do my paper crafting.


 I should point out I am not this tidy once in craft mode!