Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Just a quick post

Morning. A quick post to say I was contacted yesterday afternoon and a place had been made available for Alfie to attend Delph school. Happy does not come close to describing how I feel!!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Good news this morning!

Well, today I got some good news, my little man is number one on the waiting list for appealing for a schoolplace. The ultimate mess up by this non-blonde blonde being not applying for his school place in time, however we are buoyed by this news and hope we end up not having to go to appeal. Will keep you posted.

On a more cheery note I have been buying red, white and blue tissue paper this morning. We are having a little Jubilee tea on June 2 so getting some decorations organised. Already have the union jack cupcake cases so getting there!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

End of the week bits and pieces

Well I have added a new recipe to Food Fun, complete with picture - must add a few more next week. I'm doing this whilst my hubby is out and the boys are playing in their rooms. 

I have had lots of activity on my Facebook page this week; with help from Hike Those Likes I have increased my fan base to 52, how exciting is that? Because of this I have given away my first competition prize; I advertised a little competition on Twitter, follow me  @cardscakebakes, saying the person to be the 50th to like my page would get one of my journals, and I shall be posting this to Deborah Short of https://www.facebook.com/IckleTotsBoutique tomorrow! (Just had to go back and check that I haven't really been rambling there and repeating myself!)

I  briefly mentioned the Duck Race for my boys' school as hubby made the stocks. Well, if you read my blog and you are in the area near Delph, don't forget to pick up your key ring for £1 from most of the local shops; you are in with a chance of winning the top prize of £250 on the day, June 3rd and all proceeds go to the school.

The weather is so changeable at the minute that I just don't seem to be able to get the little bits of garden work done. Although I have managed to tidy the weeds up in the back yard and the window box of Alpines near the back door is starting to look much better.