Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Mmmm what a situation for us!


I have been absent from my posts for a couple of weeks but unfortunatley not for the right reasons so settle in for a few minutes!

We moved ourselves to Wales on September 5 under the impresion that exchange would take place within a couple of days.

This has not happened, yet!

Our vendors had agreed to us camping out on the land at the back of the house until the exchange and they are still more than happy for us to be here doing that. They are the most lovely and understanding people.

We have had issues with that I will not go into but, although I have lost count of the number of times we have said this, we hope today that after a change of solicitor we will have some news.

We have not started work on the house, we have been in the caravan for just over two weeks and are full of anxiety, worry, stress and any other word you think fit.  However, we are also very angry because we have done everything we have been asked to do by Estate Agents, buyers, vendors (although everything is good to go on our purchase) but we are still in a bit of a mess.

I truly hope when we speak to hub's dad tonight that he has some news. We only had our Broadband and landline connected last Wednesday and we have no mobile reception from the house for about 2 miles so communication has been very difficult at times therefore he is helping out with the whole thing.

All this aside, the village is wonderful, we have met some very friendly people, the boys are in classes at a local Learning Centre and coming on in leaps and bounds with their Welsh after only a week there. They leave home at 7.45am and are home at 4pm.

We marvel at the scenery and, even after heavy rain over the last couple of days, it is a glorious place and we are never leaving!

I have today gone for a little chat at a local cafe in Tregaron and hope to start a job there maybe next week. Very strange trying to get into work after so long but it is something I am familiar with due to our business we owned when first married.

Well, this is not the first post I had hoped to write after we moved here and feel really quite sad about that. However I have a new blog all lined up, just tweaking it a bit and trying to remember how to put some of the same things I managed to do on this one!

Wish us luck for the next couple of days. I had so hoped to celebrate my birthday in the house but that is not going to be as I thought either.

Will be in touch soon in a more positive mood I very much hope.xx