Friday, 12 April 2013

Digging for Victory at Pig Row.

I feel sure you have heard from me before about my friend Carol and her husband Andrew. They share their life with us via their fantastic blog, Life On Pig Row . They happily and knowledgeably dispense help and advice giving us all a peek into their world, "nestled on the high hills of the Yorkshire Moors" about gardening, growing your own and the good life, amongst other things.

 Our journey into 1943 and the wartime garden.

Just now Carol and Andrew are working on a wonderfully interesting project as they are currently re-creating a wartime garden. 

Fantastic news is that there efforts have been featured on the gardening blog belonging to The Guardian newspaper. 

I am so very happy to share the link to the blog where you can read all about their wartime gardening efforts; you can see how they have been bringing back old time seeds and forgotten varieties to their garden.

Please visit their blog to find out about their endeavours! You cannot fail to be inspired or  just lovingly educated about gardening in times gone by when it helped to Make Do And Mend, Dig For Victory and we find that presently, with Carol and Andrew, fortune definitely favours the bold!


Sunday, 7 April 2013

A good catch up - plus some yummy vintage finds!

Ok, it has been a while then!

The boys have been off school for a week and we have another to go. We have done some crafting, had some play outside now that the weather appears to be on the mend, they saw the Walking With Dinosaurs event in Manchester with the Gramps and we have our first playdate tomorrow when we will be making our own pizza for lunch with one of Harry's classmates.

As for creating and baking, I have had a fairly interesting time. My paper craft lovelies went on sale in Pink Chic Boutique in Calne, Wiltshire on March 30. I was contacted through Facebook by the owner of the shop and asked if I would be interested in selling my things on a sale or return basis. I said yes, of course, and duly sent off my box of goodies. I am currently waiting for an end-of-month report to see how sales have gone! Watch this space.

I also had a challenge on my hands. I was asked to create a Book of Shadows for a Paganist. I had to research symbols and meanings to make it special to the customer, and when she received it she was really very happy indeed - and here is a picture of the finished project.

Also, thanks to some recent networking the reach of my Facebook page has shot up and so have the number of people liking my page. When it comes to saying I 'like' somebody's page or not, I always really think about it. Just because they like what I do does not mean I am a fan of their work, so I am not at all bothered about returning a like just for the hell of it. 

Now, you do know that every now I come across a gem of an old item from either the shed or somewhere else in the family. Well, my father in law was having a tidy out at Great Gran's house recently as she has now gone into a retirement home. He came home with this and once cleaned up it should go very nicely on the back of the Spitfire. But, for now I will be using it as a display item for my craft festivals!

And I almost forgot he found this the other week, too. A vintage knitting stitch counter, cool huh? Only wish I was a knitter!

Today these two beauties arrived, a vintage C.W.S mustard tin with a fantastic image on the lid and also this fab material carpet bag. Both need a good clean - 

but then get a load of this little beauty? A Pye portable radio from the 1950's.

Well, I have enjoyed our little catch up but must dash as a few things to do before The Village starts at 9pm - don't you just love Maxine Peake and John Simm, local people to the area made very good indeed!

Catch you later! xx