Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Valentine cards - last stock left.

Do you celebrate St Valentine's Day? Me and my other half tell each other every day "I love you" but it is nice to do something special, too, sometimes. Even if it is having a date night without the children and being all romantic and slushy! But sometimes a card is all you need. 

Here are the last of my handcrafted cards that are available. Once these are gone that is the end of the stock. See what you think of my Valentine cards with a vintage feel. Prices are listed individually with the picture of each card but are either £1.50 or £2.00.

Love is in the air so don't miss out! 

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Just to say thank you!

This is exactly what it says above -  a thank you post!

Last month I had 249 lovely visits to my blog! This is the most I think since I started back in May 2012. I hope you like what you see, but could I make a little request? If you visit, could you find the time to "follow" my blog. I have lots of visits now but not many followers - I follow other blogs, make comments and it helps more lovely people find my blog as well as enjoying other ones.

I am trying, now and then, to promote other blogs I love and today it is Just something I Made. These fantastic freebies from Cathe are just amazing for using on craft projects but this is a fantastic blog for many reasons. Stop my some time!

Catch ya later.xx