Thursday, 10 July 2014

Busy, busy, busy and news!

Phew! The last week or ten days have been rather busy. During the middle of last week we started getting the house clean, spick and span because on the following Monday we had an appointment with an Estate Agent. 

Yes, our house is on the market again and this time we will definitely be going ahead!

We are very excited as we are continue our search for just the right property. We really hope to find the right place which will give us the means to grow as much of our own food as possible, I can keep my chickens and the boys will be able to have a very special time for the rest of their childhoods. We have not made any decisions yet but myself and my other half are still very excited about the prospect of  living the life we have hoped for since we met, and creating a special environment for our boys; I will keep you posted on any developments.

Summer term at school is drawing to an end as I have mentioned previously and last Saturday was the summer fayre. I went to help out on the Tombola for an hour and I also took the hamper I was baking for to be a prize in the raffle. What do you think? 

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 I even used some fat quarter fabric to sew a lining for the basket!

Of course I included an old faithful, lemon curd, but everything else I had made before but not included in any of my hampers. (If you check out my Pinterest account there are some I have made in Summer, for Christmas gifts and raffles etc.) However, this time I felt like making some more savoury things so I plumped for Sweetcorn and Cheddar scones, with a little kick thanks to a shake of paprika, Soda bread which I make a lot but this time with pistachio nuts and sundried tomatoes and then red onion and balsamic vinegar chutney - a kilo of onions gave me a lot of pain and just about two jars of chutney! The cake was a little departure for me as I am known for making loaf cakes but went for a round one this time. Described as a cut-and-enjoy fruit cake it's the ideal recipe to go with a brew or as part of a tea party occasion. I am hopefully going to put the recipes on my food page in the next couple of days. Please keep checking as I tend to take a while to do this - may just have to resort to taking a picture of my recipes if that works! #lazyblogger!

I have been gardening a little and planted some Hollyhocks called Creme de Casis and a Veronica called Shirley Blue and really got on with some proper weeding. It's looking really quite nice at the moment, and I want people to see it looks good WHEN they come to view our house, SOON I hope! Here is how it is looking just now.

Unfortunately the Hollyhocks are planted in the bottom right of the first  picture but I couldn't show them as they were in the shade. Not a good sign for the future, perhaps! The Veronica is hidden beyond the first chimney pot - really must work on my camera skills!

I love the Corduline in the above picture. It was just what I wanted and at £6 from Asda I thought it was a steal.

I hope some colour will be injected into this end of my patch soon when a couple more things, like the geraniums I have planted, come into flower.

Ok, I need to get changed from my painting clothes, yes, me, I have been painting the walls in the cellar. Not a job I normally undertake but all hands to the pump when you want to make your house look the best you can.

Hope you liked what you saw, let me know!

Catch ya later! xx