Monday, 1 October 2012

Normal family life - as normal as it can be!

I am so glad to be back after not being around due to Alfie's leg, however the cast is off! 

Friday was the last day for me to be in school with him; the teaching staff have been so wonderful letting me hang around, being very patient with the situation and I have really enjoyed being part of the school day, helping out where I can.

He is getting around much better and was even on his trike on Saturday afternoon!
So today he is in school for his first full day!!

I am now working on getting back to my usual routine; this means looking after the house, more cooking from scratch than I have been doing of late but also, on a selfish note, having some time to myself. Hence, getting the blog back on track; a bit wordy but then I can tell you where I am at!

I am considering volunteering at school in the future, once I have got back to normal. (I know I keep going on about it but it has made things very stressful not being able to be at home to do regular jobs and I have been very tired at times.)

That time to myself does also mean doing a bit in the front garden - I have a gift voucher from my birthday to spend. But I also have a journal to complete and send to the States by the middle of October so need to get on with that ASAP! I hope to have my couple of days to work on my blog and to get into my paper crafting properly again. 
Halloween is only round the corner and I want to make a few new decorations. I know it is something more celebrated by the US but the kids really enjoy it and I love any excuse to decorate!

Halloween - just gorgeous.

Then December 8 and 9 is the next craft fair and I'm really looking forward to that - more details to follow for your diary! I have to look at what stock I already have and think of a few new ideas to hopefully make some sales. This also means looking at cakes and bakes etc, too. I have almost finished my Christmas Planner which I can't wait to show you so I need to crack on with that as well.

Right, that will do for now and I will see you later in the week.x


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