Friday, 11 December 2015

Christmas Memory In My Vignette (if that is the word).

At Christmas I like to have little displays around the house. I mentioned the other day about Pretty Nostalgic and the bottom left of the photo shows another issue of this with a festive article about toys, along with a couple of other things.

Bottom right is a vintage colouring book produced in 1958 by the Blackpool Cooperative Society which I picked up at a car boot fair for £3.50. 

It is untouched in pristine condition and I think there may be some of the inside pages shown from an earlier post here.

The book at the back is very special to me. Again I think I have posted about it before but it just epitomises the way I aspire to decorate and enjoy my home at Christmas, plus it is a bit battered as it was a present many years ago.

Does anybody else have a special Christmas book they like to look back at? I know A Christmas Carol is a favourite of Sadie over at A Life In The English Rain.




  1. Love the kitchen picture in that book, the table display looks good, perhaps you were a window dresser or set designer in a former life!

    1. Oh I like the idea that I was a widow dresser! I love the way people put things together in shop windows.

  2. My favourite Christmas book is John S Goodall's An Edwardian Christmas (a book without words, but which tells a lovely story in John S Goodall's lovely paintings.)
    Margaret P

  3. just gorgeous, and yes, vignette is the right word :O)
    Thank you for the mention, and for your comment today. Made me laugh! ;o) x

    1. Phew. Right word - didn't want to look a muppet!x


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