Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Get me, guest blogger - possibly!

I thought I would let you know something very exciting might be happening. I have put myself forward to be a guest blogger on Teresa Crafts. How exciting could that be? 

I am waiting to hear for definite if my post is to be included; they said because it is a Christmas-themed post that they could put it up quite soon!!

If I get definite confirmation they will promote my blog on places like Twitter and Facebook and if I get a good response from people reading it I may get asked again.

It is a crafting blog, obviously, so no chance of posting my baking projects but that will spur me on I guess.

Talking of baking I made my Christmas pud yesterday using Jamie Oliver's Nan's recipe and it came out just beautifully. Steamed for exactly three hours in a 1.5 litre pudding basin with a really easy recipe. I had enough mixture to make a tiny pudding so hope to put that in the hamper for the school Fayre at the end of the month. Yum! They are now packed away waiting to be fed on Sunday with a little tipple of something special along with the Christmas cakes. 

I am hoping to get a batch of lemon curd made today, mainly for the Saddleworth Creative Network Christmas Craft Festival next month as I hope to be able to put together baskets of goodies on the day for people to take away. Some will, of course, be for presents and orders people have placed plus any more I hopefully get!

I tidied out the corner cupboard in the kitchen yesterday ready to receive my homemade goodies and already it is looking very tempting!!

Catch ya later and thanks for stopping by.xx

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