Tuesday, 27 November 2012

I'm back - just about!!

Hi!! Sorry for the absence but I have had my mum staying with me for the last few days so not much time for blogging. Whilst here she bought me a very fine new oil cloth cover for my kitchen table, retro kitsch to the max!

I am getting very excited about the coming festive season as we have got most of the boys' presents organised and we get the tree on Saturday. Eeeeek! 

I have been busy doing things in the kitchen, though. I am really getting into prep, making sure my freezer and Christmas cupboard are getting stocked with yummy things!

As you can see, the Gluhwein has already been started on, put in the mincemeat mix for my pies! The Amaretti biscuits I only bought because they are red and white and the basis of most of my Christmas decs are these colours.

Don't normally fall for stuff like this but couldn't resist the Christmas kitchen roll!
Over the last week or so I have managed to make another 10 jars of lemon curd, a pound and a bit or mincemeat ready for the mince pies, the cranberry and orange relish, two lots of savoury pastry to put in the freezer, a lovely bacon-wrapped sausage "cake" and today a very tasty pork, pistachio and cranberry pie ready for Boxing Day tea. Oh, and this is the first hamper of the season I have made and delivered.

Spiced fruit loaf, 2-cheese biscuits, fallen apple chutney, lemon curd and a mini Christmas pudding, made, fed with booze and ready for that final steam on Christmas day!
Well, hope to be back in a few days to let you know how I am getting on for the Saddleworth Creative Network Christmas Craft Festival. 

It is just a week on Saturday until the big day so her is just another reminder of the details.

  Hope to see you there on December 9.xx

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