Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Santa Claus is coming to town! 

Not yet, but soon!!

After I dropped the boys at school this morning I headed out to the RSPCA shop to drop off a few items that were no longer needed. Hubby has been building new shelving down to the cellar so this was a great opportunity to have a tidy out in the run up to Christmas, ooops there's that word again! I had also put out some craft materials to take to the Pre-school and Reception classes and there were library books to take back. I just had time to pick up a book to help with my new hobby of crochetting and all before my WW meeting; please don't ask!

At the weekend I made the Christmas cake and it is now languishing in the cupboard having been given its first drink of rum - yum - and I have bought all the bits to make the Christmas pudding!

We managed to fit in some fireworks last night after the boys had hot dogs and corn on the cob for tea.

The calendar on my kitchen wall is really filling up; I use the wonderful Sandra Boynton's Family Calendar. What with dates now out for parent evenings, school Christmas Fayre, class plays and carol concerts there is hardly a space. I have to say I am absolutely loving thinking about the festive season and I am only just holding back from posting Christmas images on here, but only for a little longer!

I am also getting on well with my plans, do's and makes for the fantastic Saddleworth Creative Network Christmas Craft Festival - I will not be apologising for advertising this very frequently from now on!! In fact,

there you go!

I am still working on the recipes for my baking challenge but Christmas can be soooo distracting!

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