Monday, 25 March 2013

Pinterestingly Addictive!

Pinterest is frequently described as the crack cocaine of the internet. It only take one pin and you're hooked; people have been know to lose days searching for pictures of pandas.

I admit at times to limiting how long I spend looking at pantry organisation. The problem with Pinterest is that pins of interest are originally shared so far back that you can get side-tracked by practically any subject searching for the blog or website from which it originated! I have felt like reaching for the Bach's Remedy on occasion because the stress of finding the initial architect of the the pin was so overwhelming. This is the time to stop, for a little while at least!

But there is a positive side to this addiction. I have come across the most wonderful pins such as a company who will reproduce an picture your child draws of an animal or beast of their imagination. Take a look at where treasures can be kept forever.

Also I now know I suffer from only a mild form of OCD compared to when I see the lengths people go to in organising every aspect of their lives! However, I now have a Household Notebook don't know what I did without it, but that is another story entirely!


  1. Another convert then. I don't use pininterest myself but I have had information come to me saying where one of my cards has been seen and when I follow the link, it is amazing how much of your stuff gets put on those boards. Bit scary at times as you have no control over it.

  2. I guess so but I just find it fun sharing, coveting and looking for inspiration for practically anything in my life!


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