Thursday, 15 May 2014

Call To Arms - Pretty Nostalgic Needs Our Assistance!!!

Pretty Nostalgic, our favourite British, independent magazine needs our help, immediately!!

To keep this wonderful publication going we are encouraging people to take out their lapsed subscriptions or a brand new one. 

Think of somebody with a birthday coming up, would they love it as much as we all do? This would make an ideal gift and you could also be making a donation to charity at the same time.

Nicole and Rae work so very hard, along with all of the fantastic contributors and subscribers, sharing theirs and our passion for all things well loved, vintage and up-cylced.

Please, please pass on this message via Twitter, Facebook or any other social media and keep alive, what is in my house anyhow, a beautifully British institution.

Thank you in anticipation.xx


  1. Fingers crossed they get the support they need, I shall pass on this info to friends x

  2. I've noticed your reply's on the Susan Branch website regarding pen pals. If you would like another email me at My name is Mamey Brown.

  3. As one of your newest penpals I thought I would take a peek at your blog this afternoon. I like what I see!
    Will be writing soon xx

    1. Thank you Helen, and I look forward to your letter.x


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