Monday, 28 October 2013

This and that with a bit of the other.

Just a bit of random ramblings - nothing new there. Even though the Bake Off is now finished I still am a committed baker and maker and today i found a spring form cake tin by George Wilkinson.It was 50% off in the sale at Asda so for £2.50 I thought it a steal! Always wanted one but bakeware can be so very expensive.

I have put up the Halloween decorations. I just put things out downstairs and always on the mantle piece.I still love the banner from when I made it last year and my spooky tags.

My boys will be having their little Halloween tea on Thursday so I will be busy carving my pumpkins on Wednesday daytime as we are out to our bonfire that night. Our own fireworks will be on early evening Sunday as we are having friends and family around for a love roast diner with all the trimmings. I normally put pumpkins outside but the weather is so wet at the moment I fear they would be spoilt, so the front window will have to suffice!  (These are my pumpkins from last year.)

On Wednesday I made the boys some lemon-flavoured cakes in flat-bottomed ice cream cones. I saw Anna Olsen do this at the same time as seeing her use an old-style ice cream scoop; this makes putting the mixture in the cones, and also paper cases, much easier. Here are the results.

My boys are not keen on cupcake swirls so we put icing and decorations on instead.

Well, that is about it for me for now. Busy few days coming up but still hope to share a few of my creating and baking items with you.

Catch ya later.xx

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