Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Craft Event Fun!

So, on Sunday I attended one of my craft networks events, this being the Winter one so there was a touch of Christmas about it but not mad crazy, shame!

I scaled down my table a little this time as I have not had much time but this was the kitchen prior to packing the car!

I made Barm Brack loaf bakes, mini almond pound cakes, some oh so yummy oatbran crackers, tomato chutney, a poppy seed and lemon cake to sell in slices plus plain soda bread and some loaves flavoured with sun flower seeds, sun dried tomatoes and also green olives. I was trying not to spend too much on my outlay so just used what I had in my cupboards and it worked out really well.

Set up looked like this, and I enjoyed using some of the old crockery that I pick up at boot fairs and charity shops.

I also had some of my papercraft items on my table but they did not go well. I think people do not understand just how much work goes into the journals I embellish and I fear I will finish up giving them away as Christmas presents if I do not sell them at my next event!

I sold nearly all my good items, which was great, and I was flattered when people asked if I would be there in December - more of that later!

Here is my table just before I started to clear away at the end of the day!

It was lovely to see everybody and I am looking forrward to the next one; here is what will be happening on December 8.

 I am planning on concentrating more on the food next time and I already making lists of what to do and make for it. Very exciting!

That is about all I have time for today and thanks for stopping by.

Catch ya later! xx

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  1. good for you!! that is awesome~all of it looked so good!!!!


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