Friday, 28 March 2014

My ramblings in Pretty Nostalgic - No Way!

Hello. This post is partly to cheer me along with the fact that the weather, quite frankly, is pants today!

I'm blogging about something very exciting which happened a couple of weeks ago. You know very well I am a huge fan of Pretty Nostalgic, the magazine about "creative and sustainable living inspired by the past". Well I sent in some of my non-blonde ramblings along with a picture of one of my vintage finds. Whilst emailing an order for more back copies, nearly have a full set now with just one to go, Nicole told me my letter would be printed in the next issue! Here is my published piece. Eeeek!

I should explain that Nicole is Editor-in-Chief and an owner of Pretty Nostalgic, along with Rae Edwards, and her very own home is also featured in the latest issue. Take a look here at her beautifully decorated mantlepiece. 


There are so many wonderful things to look at but I especially like the bunny in the tea cup and the hyacinths which are one of my favourite flowers in Spring.

I find Nicole's arrangement so very inspiring as I love to decorate my own mantle at all times of the year, and here it is just now! (It changes now and then but loving it right now.)

So I hope you enjoyed mine and Nicole's show and tell, but before I go, you still have time to order a subscription to Pretty Nostalgic to make your mum's day on Mothering Sunday - check out the link here on all of the subscription options for this lovely, lovely publication!

Catch ya later. xx

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