Tuesday, 11 March 2014

National Stationery Week Is Coming Soon!

For all you letter writers, scribblers, planners, list makers and general stationery addicts, like me, our week of weeks is coming - SOON!

I'm a Stationery Addict

NATIONAL STATIONERY WEEK is March 31 - April 6 so visit their website because it is choc-a-block with items celebrating the written word, getting people to write letters, espcecially children, and tonnes of other fun stuff including competitions.

Why not put pen to paper and write a note or short letter to somebody today instead of emailing or Tweeting? Personally I have always loved writing letters and belong to #PostCircle set up by the lovely blogging lady Anna of Miss Beatrix.

I am quite a stationery addict and just love to buy beautiful notebooks, folders, files, anything I can write in really, even if I don't avtually need to use them right now. good to have them in stock just in case!
BTW, my English teacher always told me you could remember to spell the paper kind of stationery by remembering the e for envelope at the end not an a as is the standing still stationary. Just thought I would mention that! 

Hope you will join in with this wonderful week and that you enjoyed this post and will stop by again soon. x


  1. Morning Lovely! I am a stationery addict too. Pads and pretty notebooks are my weakness. Xx


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