Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Use Life Well.

What do you consider this statement to mean?

For me it's about doing your best to use life, and not let life use you. To me it also means trying to take opportunities when they come along and, as one of my favourite sayings tells us - know where you are going, don't go where you know. Along with this, exploring avenues and possibilities life may put in your path can be a real eye opener. Doing this really can help you come to decisions when mulling over a situation. You may eventually find the grass is not greener, or now isn't the best time for whatever you are contemplating.

All these ramblings, which I hope make sense to somebody, came out of our considering moving from where we now live. We looked at a house that needed a great deal of work, do-able but a lot of it! We had time between the first viewing and making a second appointment to really think things through. The realisation dawned on us, that we had a wonderful home designed for us as a family and had just about everything we needed to be happy. We had visions of land and chickens and living the good life, and I think we can do that where we are right now. It takes looking over the fence at somebody else's back yard to realise you have been taking for granted what you already have. Preparing the house for viewings made us come to the conclusion we already have what we want, with a bit of tweaking.

So, we are to stay where we are for now and be oh so grateful for what we have, instead of going somewhere else to try and create the happy home we already live in!

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