Monday, 1 June 2015

Quick up date!

Hi and good morning!

Today I am hoping to get the survey on our house booked as our buyer has got hers done and dusted! With any luck by the end of the week our report will be in and we can crack on with the survey on the Wales house. Eeek!

Also, today is the first week of my Christmas savings plan. I opened my savings account, slight issue when I decided to do a few internet transfers the other day, planning on doing the whole lot until November, but think I'm back on track now. Not telling hubs about my little plan so that will be a fab surprise ready for the festivities.

Must dash as the boys are back to school today and a tonne of things to do as usual, but glad to be getting back to my usual routine probably starting with a quick shop at Aldi.

Catch ya later! xx

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