Monday, 24 August 2015

Broad Sword Calling Danny Boy!

Just a quick post about my boys, now they are home from staying with the Gramps for the last time before we move.

We have bought them a pair of walkie talkies (hence the title of today's post) with a 3 kilometre range ready for when we move because the field we have also bought is about 10 minutes walk from the house. We are so very happy they will be able to just wander off together with the dog as there is zero traffic past the field, but we will just know where they are. Also, when hubby is fettling in the shed or cellar I will be able to call him for lunch or a brew!

Also, we recieved an email from our super solicitor late this afternoon saying she has today put in the post the contract from our buyers solicitor.Very exciting and even better if the buyers have already signed it, which I think they might have done but not sure. At least we only have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

I have managed to make contact with the boys' school today, too. I have now been able to order some of their uniforms and got a few things straight in my head ready for the first day.

Things really seem to be coming together now so will keep you posted regarding the moving date when I hear.

I have been thinking about my new blog that I plan on writing when we move. Have been working on a name and what I plan to use it for.

That's all for now.x


  1. Walkie Talkies are a great idea we have a set for when hubby is out logging etc.
    You asked me were we live I am between Brechfa and New Inn on the mountain half way between Carmarthen and Lampeter when you get settled we will have to meet up :-)

    1. That would be fun, Dawn! We are about 8 miles from Tregaron and half an hour or so from Aber.


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