Friday, 7 August 2015

Home, and ready to move!!

Good morning!

We returned from our holiday in Menorca early afternoon on Wednesday. We called the Estate Agent for an update to be told our buyers really would like to come and do some measuring up on Thursday morning - no rest for the wicked heh? Luckily the house was clean from attic to cellar before we left so nothing much to do before they came.

Our week away was much needed but very, very hot at times. Ate lots of little fried fishes, yum, Spanish omelete, mmm, good local beer. We did a couple of things we weren't able to do last time as we decided to hire a car for the week. I love a boat trip so we have a lovely jaunt around Mahon harbour.

 We also took the boys to a go cart track, but these were not a leisurely couple of laps. The things went about 20 miles an hour and we both were a little nervous, but we still went back for another go!

Cala Galdana is a lovely beach and we went on a pedalo with a slide on the back for Jon and the boys to go down into the water. Great fun!

Regarding the house, it seems we could be moving before September 1st, not sure yet until the survey is done on our house (hick-up as it should have been done last Friday) but everything else is ready to go for the signing of contracts! Soooooo excited and can't help thinkiing about it all! We will be in a bit of a mess for a few weeks whilst hubs does some work on it but ask me if I care?!

A lovely sunny day today so a walk for the dog this afternoon but I think we'll have a run out to the library after breakfast.

Will let you know how we get on in the next couple of days.x

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