Sunday, 1 November 2015

A Little Update


I just thought I would update you a little on our situation.

We have not exchanged or completed on our house but we are in the process of getting to the point where the house will soon be ours at the beginning of December with any luck. We haven't had much of that recently but things are definitely on the up. Not to go into too much of the financial detail but we have made arrangements regarding our house we were selling in order to release funds to buy our Welsh dream home. To be honest it doesn't matter how we get the house as long as we get it!

It was five weeks on Friday that Jon started on the renovations in the house and he is just putting down the floor in the bathroom and then we are DONE! Apart from the cellar rooms but they will wait until Jon has gone back to work and be finished in the evenings and weekends but I don't expect that will take him long. During the past five weeks he has taken down, put in new joists, replasterd and painted four ceilings, re-configured our youngest's bedroom for more space, painted the TV room and bulit a stand for the TV, taken out a nasty wardrobe, re-plasterd one wall and painted our bedroom, painted our oldest's bedroom and built cupboards, plastered one wall and painted all of the bathroom.

I am so very proud of him because we have saved SOOO much money with him being able to do the work himself.

I don't feel I can share much more about our life at the moment because my aim was to start my new blog when we moved into the house. Although we have been in the house about three weeks we will not feel it is ours, of course, until all the paperwork is complete.

However, I hope to be able then to share and tell you lots of things about our new life, and in time for my preparations for Christmas which I am so excited about this year, not much change there really!

So I hope you will hang in there and keep an eye out for my new blog posts. 

Take care. xxx



  1. I was hoping you would update, I was wondering how you were getting on.
    Sounds frustrating, but at least things are moving in the right direction, and your husband sounds like he has been very productive! How lucky that he is able to do so much, I can imagine how many ££££'s have been saved. Everything helps.


    1. Hi Sadie. Even better news as of yesterday. Hubs has got himself a full time job at the local saw mill and so I have handed my notice in at the cafe I was working. Doesn't figure regarding logistics with his start time and the boys, plus I want to stay home and now can. I am spoilt but this is where I belong!

  2. Glad to hear of all of the progress, and look forward to learning more about the house, your life and Christmas in your new blog!

  3. Glad to hear of all of the progress, and look forward to learning more about the house, your life and Christmas in your new blog!

    1. Hi Kathleen. Yes, hoping to have posts on the new blog before Christmas.x

  4. I hope it all finally goes to plan for you and I can't wait to see what your new home looks like. Good luck.

  5. Thanks BB.x It will be wonderful when we can officially say it is our house and indeed I can'tg wait to show you. Not wanting to tempt fate and all that but my new blog is good to go with the first post written. Watch this space.xx


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