Monday, 21 May 2012

Good news this morning!

Well, today I got some good news, my little man is number one on the waiting list for appealing for a schoolplace. The ultimate mess up by this non-blonde blonde being not applying for his school place in time, however we are buoyed by this news and hope we end up not having to go to appeal. Will keep you posted.

On a more cheery note I have been buying red, white and blue tissue paper this morning. We are having a little Jubilee tea on June 2 so getting some decorations organised. Already have the union jack cupcake cases so getting there!

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  1. Exciting. We were having guests over that weekend but they can't come due to work commitments :(, so we are planning how to fill the FIVE FULL DAYS OF THE WEEKEND. I thought about having a teaparty so I think we will do that and we may pop down to the vintage fair. Must get my thinking cap on.


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