Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Just felt like a bit of a ramble.

I have been surfing t'internet a little this morning looking for something which I didn't think I'd find but I did find it in an archive post..? Whilst doing this I found an online chat I myself had some time ago with Jocelyn of The Reading Residence where I was asked about why I wrote a blog. This got me thinking why I still do.

I would never consider myself narcissistic but I do love showing things I've made and rambling on aboout nothing much most of the time! However, I am caught in a situation where I deleted my Facebook account, NEVER to return, because I was up to my neck in other people's life and stuff and frankly I'd had enough, but I still like to share to a certain degree.

I think I manage to get the balance right because I am not super regular at posting, although have done so more in the last few weeks than in a long time. I sometimes look at the content of other peoples' blogs plus how much traffic they get and think that mine is sooo boring. But, I don't promote it hugely as I no longer have a Twitter account (got sick of that too!) and rely on people stumbling upon it I suppose. I don't mind really as it is just fun to look back on the memories, experiences, makes and bakes in the last few years since I have been blogging.

Therefore, if you are reading this and enjoying it, thank you, and if you tell somebody else about it, fantastic, but right now I'm enjoying that which I continue to do firstly for myself and maybe for others, too.xx

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