Monday, 11 June 2012

Dodging the showers this week!

The week has been quite busy, with it being the full week  of the boys half term holiday. We had a play date on Tuesday with a couple of Harry's pals including "girlfriend" Cher with Jude. Nice, unexpected chat for us and luckily the weather held that day for the boys to play outside some of the time.

Talking of outside, very pleased with the Alpines outside the back door; definitely getting more of these for next year - very reliable.


I have managed to do a couple of little jobs at the front of the house, too. I've cut down the chives as they were just flowering being no good to man nor beast and zip tied back my lilac in case the wind and rain got the better of it! Then I have planted just a few of the Queen Fabiola that you can see; they were supposed to be in by the end of May so wish me luck with them flowering; they could look lovely!  Bit miffed the brown bin I ordered has not been delivered yet so must chase that up this week.

Me and the boys had a lovely afternoon on Wednesday watching the latest Muppet film in Delph at Millgate Arts Centre, complete with goody bags for the boys!


On Friday the boys and I made and decorated a cake and they had an Inside Seaside day. They had picnic lunch on a self made beach of blankets and we drew pictures of Blackpool and sang seaside songs. 

How gorgeous did my boys decorate this cake?

Alfie IS wearing shorts! 

 On Saturday I had a customer collect her journal which I covered as a planner for her wedding vow renewals. She was very happy with it and I was quite chuffed as I had not done an A4 size one before.

Also on Saturday we visited The Saddleworth Show in Uppermill, Bit pricy at £10 to get in and very wet but I think they did have a better day on Sunday.

For us Sunday meant taking the bull by the horns and driving to St Annes. 

We hoped the weather would stay nice and it did. This meant we could have ice creams on the beach plus a go on the bouncy castle for the boys.

Well, with the boys back at school I am having a not doing much day today and then I have to crack on for the two events I am doing on June 23 and 24; lots of baking and things to do! 


  1. Looks like you had a fun holiday, beautiful cakes too !

    1. Yes, even though it was a one day holiday it was great!


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