Monday, 2 July 2012

Count down to our trip without the boys!

This week has been busy getting things done before me and hubby went to a wedding, without the boys. There were two sports days, the stocks to move out of the back yard, finally, plus the hamper I made for the school raffle to deliver. I was very pleased with the contents and the look of it; lemon curd, onion chutney, parmesan and cheddar thins, sultana and banana bread and homemade lemonade.

I finished the Holy Communion journal and was really quite pleased with it. May post a picture of it later as I don't have one just now.

We left for our trip to Scotland without the boys feeling nervous but looking forward to our weekend away. Part of it was to celebrate out wedding anniversary - here we are seven years ago!

The wedding was on Saturday and I think you get the feel of the occasion by these pictures. Just imagine the smell of a hog roast and a few bottles of excellent red wine along with them!

It was a lovely occasion and the rain held off just long enough.

That is about it for the week. I'm having a fairly baking-free week this week, apart for the boys. No planning for fairs or trips away so a breather for a short while.x

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