Thursday, 12 July 2012

Too busy to blog but never too busy to share!


The time seems to have gone by quickly since I was last here. Alfie-boo and Harry-bo have had their Moving- Up Days for Reception and Year One classes; I think they will be just fine!

The weather has continued to be terrible putting a stop for me to a night out that was planned with some of the mums from Harry's class, although today it is quite sunny! Probably just but the kibosh on that!

I think at the moment the front garden, possibly due to the rain, is looking lovely - see here.

I need to think about what I am putting in the far let corner for next year, I really fancy a nice Formium. I made space for one when we took the triffid of a Lovage plant that had been growing there before!

I have also manged to complete one more journal this week, an A4 recipe one and here is the finished product.

Well, considering my blog title talks about dust-busting, today I have been using a new cleaning schedule for about three days and it's just great! So I thought I would share the link with you - this works for how ever big or large your house is with maybe a couple of tweaks.

Dust bust - and relax! 

Click here to see how much easier it can be to look after your home without cleaning all day everyday!

This week I will be getting myself ready for next week which is the last week of school before the summer hols. That means teacher presents to make and making room for things being brought home from school! plus I have two journals to make for next week.

I have booked us 5 days camping at Flamingo Land near Scarborough for August and the kids are really looking forward to that already! 

So, trying not to do too much for the next couple of days and then a bit busy!x

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