Monday, 30 July 2012

One down, five to go!

This has been the first week of the boys being on holiday so I have been getting myself into activity mode with them, so I don't go mad and they are occupied and hopefully enjoying themselves. This week they have had high tea outside, complete with bunting, because the weather turned meaning we couldn't take lunch to the park.

We practically emptied the library of books on Wednesday with subjects including anything from spying and Where's Wally? to early reader books for Harry and story books for Aflie.

Whist they played on bikes and go carts I gave the front garden a good weeding, so happy with the way it is looking at the moment. I am very excited about a Seedum which I uprooted from somebody else's garden and it has taken in the moss on the front wall really well with a very pretty pink flower.

Just today I finished a wedding journal and I am sooo very chuffed with it. I love the look and the feel, visually and touchy feel of it. Looking for more orders now as this was the last of the recent four I had to complete.

Friday saw the opening of the Olympic Games 2012 and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So far have been enjoying the swimming, syncronized diving and the gymnastics.

My nephew was married on Saturday - he is now 31 so how old do I feel? Here are the Houghton's, en famille, and not a bad photo either.

That is about it for now. x

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  1. Very smart wedding guests, the boys look so sweet!
    Hope it was a lovely day!


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