Friday, 20 July 2012

Well, the end of an era! 

(Just before I start, what do you think of the new pinker look? I think it suits me better.)
Sunday this week was quite a nice day and after Harry came back from a birthday party they played out in the front garden. I would have loved to let them stay out longer but bed time was looming and the hols will be here soon for playing out late - with sun hopefully!


Have finished two journals this week; this 1980's one was a real challenge as not how I normally do them - customer was a friend and a very happy one, too!

Covered to look like an old school notebook and I think the effect was just right!

This week I've been getting teacher gifts and cards ready. Made a nice big cake for the Pre-school teachers, see below then gave plants and cards to Mrs O'Dwyer and Mrs Magee.

This was a double-decker lemon drizzle with lemon butter icing and cranberries in sugar syrup!
I took an almond pound cake, also with cranberries on top, to Mrs Nicholls this morning. Got Harry to write a label for Mrs Nicholls's cake and Alfie to do ones for the plants. Here are my boys on their last day, for Harry in Reception and Alfie Pre-school taken this morning. Things are going to be very different from September with no more regular contact with Pre-school and the boys and Alfie who will now benefit from Mrs Nicholls's wonderful methods of teaching.

 I was very emotional at lunch time fetching Alfie and a little teary when I picked up Harry but all better now.

So, no doing stuff for school for six weeks! No committees, no meetings, no cake bakes but I know I will be busy. The planner for the boys comes into play on Monday - activities and stuff to do to keep them busy and me sane!

Will be back soon with new of how we are getting on with more fun in the sun, hopefully.x 



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