Monday, 20 August 2012

Holiday Cut Short!

Well, we came home from Flamingo Land a little early and with one certain little boy with a spectacular spiral fracture of a broken leg! Yes, Alfie Boo Houghton has finally done what I expected a long time ago - a visit to A and E, and then some!

See here my boy taking it easy on the sofa! We head off to the Fracture Clinic on Wednesday to have a more sturdy plaster put on. what fun starting big boys school in a cast. As somebody said, the teachers will certainly know his name very quickly!

On Thursday we decided to have Movie Night so I made popcorn cartons, we had marshmallows and I made some tickets the boys had to show at the beginning and when they wanted a drink!

We all sat down together and watched Diary of A Wimpy Kid with Harry on his beanbag, Alfie on the sofa and us on the floor.  It was great family fun, if a bit gross here and there!

On Saturday afternoon Harry and I went to the Denshaw Flower Show to support this local event and to see if I had managed to win a prize. Harry spent some time on the park outside and I had a chat with a few people but, no joy, as was not lucky enough to win a prize; plan to try my luck at the Delph Show on September 1st!

Here is a quick reminder of the next fantastic event run by the very wonderful Saddleworth Creative Network.

The first time one of the Network's events has run over two days. Should be a wonderful showcase of local talent. Bring the family for a great day out.
I am advertising the sale of Summer Goody Boxes on my Facebook page and these are available to order until September 8th priced at £15 - great if you are planning a picnic treat or family gathering. They will be similar to the hamper I put together for the  School Summer Fair at Delph school; a posted a picture of it on my blog in June.

All for now, just getting though the last couple of weeks of holidays before getting the boys ready for school.x

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