Wednesday, 29 August 2012

~Summer hols are nearly over!~

Well, just a week left before the boys are back to school and we are making sure the scrap books we started at the beginning of the Olympics are up to date. 

Negotiations are ongoing regarding Alfie being at school - should be no problem with the wheelchair they say. (However we really hope he will be allowed to put weight on it after the Wednesday x-ray.)

Requests have been made to promote Daisy Nook Farmers Market. Go along and support this new initiative if you can.

Saturday morning we took a trip for an over night stay at Nana's, near Chester.

We had a look round the shops, with Alfie in the wheelchair which was really useful, including a wonderful vintage shop, Becniks Wonder Emporium. (I have even more respect now for those who have to look after wheelchair-bound people on a regular basis.) Then hubby went to play golf whilst me and the boys went to Nana's for a sandwich lunch. 

On Sunday morning we went out for coffee and then to Greenacres Animal Park and had a great time petting and feeding some of the small animals.

 After a lovely pub lunch we left Nana's and headed for home; ahh, there IS no place like home! 

That is about it for this post. Busy getting ready for back to school so hope to post better next week and must do some baking!.x

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