Saturday, 29 December 2012

Crimbo Limbo!!!

Well we are now in that strange time during the festive season - after Christmas but not New Year yet. 
My oldest boy just asked me if it was still Christmas Week so I said not really as we are now in the run up to New Year. He went on to ask what we do on New Year's Eve so I explained we look back at the year gone by and look forward to the things we hope to do in the next one. 

I love the feeling of New Year when you can start all over again and try new things.

This year I think I will be doing the same as a lot of people ie. trying to lose a bit of weight! But on a lighter note, excuse the pun! I am really looking forward to getting back to crafting and maybe trying new things. The sewing machine that I look at every time I am crafting needs to be made use of and I made a start at a crochet project and have a fairly good grasp of the basics but need to find time to concentrate on that, too.

I feel my paper crafting has really come on this last year so I look forward to trying new techniques with that. I received some lovely new stamps for Christmas so look forward to creating some pretty things with those.

Well, that is all just for now - thought I would catch up but I will be back in the New Year with more so, Keeeeeeep Creating and Baking!!!! xxx

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