Monday, 7 January 2013

New Year, new plans!!

Well, here we are then! My boys are back at school and I am almost in my regular routine and looking forward to working on my decision to give it one last go at making some real money from my crafting. This is my new business card I have on order.
 I have been looking at lots of things today including trying to find a bulk supplier of the journals I use and failed, gift bags for my first order of goodie bags for a friend who runs a wedding and party planning business - eek - and expense spreadsheets, just stuff!

I am gradually trying to promote myself more using pages on Facebook and also looking at some online free business directories, but you really cannot beat word of mouth so now have a "tell your friends" button on my Facebook page, too.

I see lots of other blogs promoting blogs they themselves enjoy so I am going to try and do this myself now and then. I am starting today with  Henhouse.

I saw this love lady in Home Style magazine and thought she was very talented, plus she loves decorating at Christmas, and so do I as you know!

Well, must dash and get some crafting done now I have finished my R and D few hours!


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  1. Hi Louise,
    Thank you for your message and also for your kind words above! I hope you enjoy the blogging experience and good luck with your crafty endeavours.
    Hen x


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