Thursday, 3 January 2013

News, news!!!

Hello! Some news about my crafting Facebook Page. 

I have come to some decisions and decided to make a last attempt at promoting my paper craft items and so to help this along I have changed the name of my page. You can now find me on Facebook at Paper Craft Junkie. (My URL is still showing as Cards, Cakes and Bakes but I hope to rectify that at some point.)

I have also decided to put my cakes to one side, apart from when I have a stand at craft festivals as I still think people love a home baked cake.

So things are hopefully changing a bit and I would love you to visit Paper Craft Junkie when you have time.

I will be back again once the boys are in school again and we can get back to some more non-blonde blonde ramblings!!!! xx


  1. Lots of luck with all your new ventures

  2. Love the new name, I'm glad you haven't given up the cakes altogether luvvy!!

  3. Just seen your comment! Thanks Nel.xx


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