Sunday, 3 February 2013

Just to say thank you!

This is exactly what it says above -  a thank you post!

Last month I had 249 lovely visits to my blog! This is the most I think since I started back in May 2012. I hope you like what you see, but could I make a little request? If you visit, could you find the time to "follow" my blog. I have lots of visits now but not many followers - I follow other blogs, make comments and it helps more lovely people find my blog as well as enjoying other ones.

I am trying, now and then, to promote other blogs I love and today it is Just something I Made. These fantastic freebies from Cathe are just amazing for using on craft projects but this is a fantastic blog for many reasons. Stop my some time!

Catch ya later.xx



  1. I joined your blog - I too get loads of visits, but only the occasional comment or follower - I guess people like to look around but don't find time to constantly follow and comment.


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